To create the effect of being in a moving racing car we are using the most advanced motion technology. It contains mechanics used in automated robotic factories, special motion unit and software that connects the action from the game to the motion pistons that move with the seat and precise set-up that ensures that feeling is just like in real racing car. The movement is synchronous with the visual display which results in an authentic experience. We have designed our own frame that allowed us to add up the third axis to create effect of sliding and rear traction loss. This feature is the key element of the RACE 3 motion racing simulator because it gives you lateral movements which are very important to reproduce a behavior of racing cars. In combination with a 5-point racing seat, powerful audio and stunning visuals the outcome is just unbelievable. We proudly believe we have come up with a unique way to build simulators like nobody else.


About us

Profisim - Professional Motion Simulators is a producer of professional racing and flight motion simulators. We will convince you of our products quality, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime and join our satisfied customers community. We are ready!