As a company we started with leasing third-party simulators and ended-up building and inventing our own. Our technical skills and deep knowledge of the market have helped us to eliminate disadvantages that other simulator on the market have and even implement new technologies. Our team consists of highly skilled people such as pilots, IT developers, former professional drivers, designers, testers and technicians

We believe this team has built one the world’s best simulators you can buy.

Visit us in our showroom and see it for yourself. We hope you’ll join our satisfied customer’s community.


Profisim s.r.o.
Drazni 1182/5
627 00 Brno
The Czech Republic
IC: 29263620
DIC: CZ29263620

Phone: tel: +420 608 449 139

Sales and enquiries: : info@profisim.cz
Technical support: : support@profisim.cz


About us

Profisim - Professional Motion Simulators is a producer of professional racing and flight motion simulators. We will convince you of our products quality, so do not hesitate to contact us anytime and join our satisfied customers community. We are ready!